Jewels from the Amazon

Handmade. Indigenous. sustainable.


At Terra Natural Designs we are committed with our future generations to keep our planet healthy and alive. The seeds we use for our pieces are renewable and ethically sourced, and they sustain the preservation and replanting of palm trees in the Amazon Jungle.

Our Products

For more than a decade we have been searching, within ancient traditions, for accessories that enhance the natural powers of people.

It’s not just jewelry and accessories. Indigenous people have taught us that everything we wear carries a vibration and a medicine; through the intelligence of their materials, through the sacred patterns and colors, and through our own connection to all of this. We want o share this indigenous mindfulness with you today.

Pamela & Jesse Schele Founders 


Our jewelry pieces are made with renewable seeds from the Amazon Jungle. All of our products are made with ethically sourced materials. 


Our products are made with the hands of our indigenous artisans. We work with them continuously to bring a high quality product to your hands.


All of our products are handmade by indigenous communities in South America. We have worked directly with these families for over 10 years.