Winter Wear

We at Terra Natural Designs seek the integration of Social Justice and conscious consumption while creating opportunities for indigenous cultures in South America to preserve and practice their traditional crafts. We invite you to learn more about our Products.


Our Story

Indigenous, artisan-made

The artisans that create our winter products and scarves have worked the textiles for generations.

These families of artisans still maintain the ancient techniques and ethnic designs. The art of crafting textile has been passed from generation to generation, to the younger ones, and they have improved and created their own ways while keeping their traditional patterns and practices.

We have worked over the years with these artisans, and to be able to supply the high demand for our products, the newer generations have developed special machines that mimic the work of the looom. 

There is one family in South America that have achieved this with perfection. We are so proud of their drive and commitment to continue to grow, improve the lives of their family members and keep their traditions alive.

This is a unique invention that only this family has created and keeps the traditions of their culture, following the patterns made by their ancestors that made it by hand. Now it’s available for people from all over the world. 

These co-ops work as a community that usually involve one or two, or even more entire families. The men are in charge of creating the textile and the women are responsible of confection and the making of the accessories. 

All Seasons Scarves

The Scarf you will use year round! in the summer, spring, Fall, and Winter.

Fall Scarves

Transitional scarves for Fall & Spring

Winter Scarves

You are going to love our cozy winter scarves!

Indigenous Designs

Experience the difference of products designed and crafted by indigenous people. The vibrant, beautiful colors that you can see in our collection is a collaboration between the western vision and the traditional vision of indigenous cultures in South America.

Only the Best

Discover the art of being warm

Baing warm can be fun, colorful and beautiful. Say goodbye to washed up colors, boring and meaningless designs. We a here to show you how the rainbow covers our winter this year!


Winter Shawl

Winter wide shawl specially made to keep you warm, wearing fabulous colors and soft texture.


Multicolor Indigenous Scarf

Full of incredible colors and awesome indigenous designs, this multicolor scarf would not let you be unnoticed!


Infinity Fall Scarf

Round Scarf for easy fit, fabulous colors and texture!.


Winter Gloves

Soft, winter glove. It matches your scarf and hats too.


Indigenous Scarf

Infinity scarf with indigenous ethnic designs with a soft look especially warm for fall and winter.


Neck Warmer

Beautiful neck warmer with indigenous designs, soft look and Tagua seed button.

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